Letters to the Editor

Needed questions for housing homeless

The Olympian editorial on the homeless problem provided neither problem diagnosis nor solutions; just grandiose ideas. Our trespass laws became toothless with idiotic judicial rulings; Olympia is now landlord to the homeless and a magnet for more homeless. The problem will get worse with Olympia’s sanctuary city attitude.

Safety is a major concern. Are there gang members or criminals among the homeless? The ACLU will add chaos to chaos with their lawsuits, but we still need vetting of the homeless.

How many are veterans? VA must help PTSD Vets. American Legion and VFW will also help.

How many are families? Churches and Social Service Agencies should help.

How many are mentally ill? . State must provide inpatient and outpatient mental health assistance.

How many are drug addicts? Use drug courts and AA for inspiration and direction.

How many are ex-cons? Give them the job of cleaning up homeless camps.

How many are healthy adults without family? See all the help wanted signs — Get a job!

How many are illegals? Deport them; build the wall.

How many are drug pushers? .Arrest them.

How many are gang members? Arrest them.

How many are child molesters? Arrest them.

How many have a violent past? Arrest them.

How many refuse to answer questions? Evict them.

The remainder are homeless, needy, likely elderly or disabled; they wait for a long-term solution. Meanwhile, watch Lacey and Tumwater host future homeless camps. Have fun!