Letters to the Editor

Northwest Innovation Works sells ‘fake news’

I live in Kalama and I’m downright offended by the nerve of Northwest Innovation Works. The Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement they commissioned paints a rosy picture of our future if we let them build their methanol refinery here. The attempt to pull the wool over our eyes is disgusting.

When coal was proposed in Longview the company said it was “clean coal” that would be good for the climate. When oil was proposed in Vancouver, the company said that an oil spill would be good for the economy because “oil spills create jobs.”

When are these fossil fuel companies going to learn that we aren’t stupid and that their propaganda is easier to cut through than butter?

An important public comment period just opened for the proposed refinery and there is a public hearing on Thursday, December 13th from 6-9 pm at the county fairgrounds in Longview.

Linda Leonard, Kalama