Letters to the Editor

Appreciate the military under border crisis

In response to the editorial ballyhooing the plight of JBLM troops deployed at the southern border, I’d like to express support and appreciation for those service members for their efforts in protecting our nation’s border.

As a former dependent of a career service member, a WWII/Korean War veteran who served at McChord in an era before internet communiqués, I’m well aware of the sacrifices required of military families. World events do not always respect the holidays/family events that make up our lives. Military members are willing to set aside personal life markers for the good of our nation.

Lady Liberty’s invitation to the “huddled masses yearning to breathe free” does not equate to allowing thousands of people demanding illegal entry into this country simply because they do not want to wait the processing times and cannot afford the fees associated with coming into this country legally. There are no wars going on in Central America that would necessitate “asylum.” Oddly, so many of these seekers find the monies to put themselves and their children into the hands of traffickers for illegal entry into the USA, ignoring “asylum” opportunities closer to home.

To the service members and families at JBLM, my heartfelt best wishes for the holiday season. May the august members of the U.S. Congress and Senate see fit to attend to their oaths of office and fix our immigration laws and eliminate the need of your deployment in 2019.