Letters to the Editor

An open letter to asylum-seeking moms

Dear Fellow Moms,

We cannot condone an administration that prioritizes politics over children.

The U.S. has watched the migrant caravan approach our border for weeks. It was no surprise they were coming. In lieu of closing the border and gassing them, we must demand from the Trump administration efficiency and humaneness in processing their asylum claims. We must leverage our collective voice to support our Central American sisters and demand the U.S hire enough agents to quickly assist asylum seekers to give them access to the safety of our county.

No matter your stance on current immigration laws, as mothers, can we agree none of us would opt to endure such a long, fearful, exhausting, dirty trek other than to escape dire conditions and protect our children? Despite Trump’s demonization of this group, many of these travelers are families seeking peace and safety. To be sure, not all are families and not all are fleeing from imminent danger, but those who are — by law — must be allowed to present their asylum claims if they are able to cross the border, with or without authorization.

The vast majority of the migrant caravan has no sense of the current U.S. border politics. Can you imagine the devastating defeat they feel when finally reaching the U.S. border and being denied access to this legal right?

Mothers, let’s not forsake our compassion. Many of these so-called criminals are simply doing exactly what we would do: anything it takes to keep our children safe.