Letters to the Editor

We need to learn from our youth

Thank you for publishing the recent editorial from the Walla Walla Union-Bulletin regarding the University of Washington’s serious bus accident involving so many of their band members as they were traveling to Pullman for the Apple Cup football game.

The kindness and assistance those injured and scared UW kids received from the good citizens in the George area was heart-warming enough. But then the young people, and their adult leaders, in the WSU band rose above. When hearing of the accident, they quickly learned, and played, the “fight song” of their bitter rivals from Seattle in their absence from the big game — even as the home team was losing. Wow.

I never attended either of these great universities, but I’m guessing that the intensity of their “friendly rivalry” surpasses even that of our modern political divide.

When will we old people ever learn to emulate the compassion and innate wisdom of the young?