Letters to the Editor

Harlequin Theater: Protect a legacy

When Linda Whitney was released as Art Director at Harlequin Theater, it felt important that I write this letter. The pattern of punitive reactions to both Linda and Scot Whitney disturbs me. As founding members, they helped to create the Harlequin Theater that we know today.

I believe the Theater Board had an opportunity that was squandered. In the light of accusations of Scot and Linda — and the moment in time that these events occurred, it was possible to view them without fear and with care. The character of both Linda and Scot warranted a more thoughtful response.

What might have it been like to see how many people in the community did not agree with the assumptions that appear to have been made? It would have been inspired if the Board found a more enlightened response to a difficult moment by investigating more thoroughly and including more of the community in their reactions.

My heart goes out to Linda and Scot. I ask that the Theater Board of Directors make reconciliation and re-open this issue. If the Board chooses not to re-open this issue for a better end result, it leaves a chapter in Olympias’ creative history with a painful injustice.

Scot and Linda deserve our best, as they have given their best. We should protect their legacy. It will far outlast the recent events.