Letters to the Editor

‘Thumbs Up’ is a good idea

Great to read “Thumbs Up” news and be inspired. (‘Our thumbs are mostly up about happenings in South Sound right now’ by the Olympian Editorial Board, Dec. 14, 2018) The more good news is printed, the more it spreads. Selena Kilmoyer’s story was particularly inspiring: she saw a problem and took action. This is something we can each do, perhaps not as dramatically.

But take the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria seeking new funding in the coming year. This international funding group has saved more than 27 million lives since it began in 2002. America’s pledge leverages 2/3 of the total funding from other donors, so our support is extremely important. By asking those who represent you in Congress to continue to support the Global Fund, we are not only helping to save lives, but bringing about the eventual control of the three biggest pandemics of our world. So be inspired and make a phone call to support the life-saving Global Fund. Let’s make ours a world full of thumbs up news!