Letters to the Editor

A note of thanks from new Commissioner

As I prepare to take office as your new Thurston County Commissioner, I want to thank voters for putting their trust in me.

I got to meet residents from Jubilee to Yelm to Rochester to Steamboat Island during the campaign, and I learned from each of them. I also learned about the important work being done by community groups on major issues like homelessness and economic development. I plan to partner with these groups.

I want to thank incumbent Commissioner Bud Blake for his service. The closeness of the vote shows both campaigns had messages important to voters. I will be mindful of this as I move forward to help find solutions to important problems.

Big challenges lie ahead:

▪  Water quality: More than half of our lakes and rivers have severely degraded water quality.

▪  Affordable housing: Commissioners must do a better job of collaborating with city governments on a regional approach to the growing housing crisis.

▪  Budget responsibility: I will advocate for rebuilding the county’s budget reserves, even when that results in hard choices.

▪  New courthouse: The challenge will be where to build it and how to manage costs.

As the only Democrat on the Commission, I’m likely to lose some votes, but I expect Commissioners Hutchings, Edwards, and I will find common ground as we tackle these issues. To learn more about my priorities, visit: tyeforthurston.com/newly-elected-ready-to-work-for-you.

There’s much to be done. I look forward to working on behalf of all Thurston County residents. Thanks for the opportunity to serve.