Letters to the Editor

Electric cars are our future

Three years ago I searched the Internet for comparisons of electric cars. I decided the Kia Soul was best for me because I could easily load two outdoor walkers into it. I ordered one from Hanson Kia and they got it for me from Everett. No gas, no oil, no water, no tailpipe. What’s not to like? And after three years of use, there’s not a speck of dirt in the engine compartment.

However, I have an unanswered question about this wonderful car. Why has Hanson never advertised it in The Olympian? I’ve watched their ads at least weekly for three years and they have never included it or any other electric car. Who is paying them to not advertise electric cars? How much is being paid? This deserves delving into by a nosy reporter. Someone is sabotaging our campaign to save us from climate disaster. Every time I tell someone that my car is all electric, I get the same answer: :Oh, I didn’t know that Kia made an electric car!

Do any other makes of electric cars have the same situation? Are there any electric cars regularly advertised in The Olympian? If not, why not?

Here in the Panorama retirement community in Lacey, residents own nine all-electric cars representing five manufacturers. We showed them in Panorama’s annual car show, and there was a lot of interest in the features available and what the engines look like. People need this information to make informed choices about clean cars..