Letters to the Editor

Stop complaining U.S. still the best

As Americans, how many of us give any real thought to how good our lives really are? Whether we labor to enjoy its fruits or directly contribute to its progress, each generation works to keep our nation’s standard of living, the greatest in the world. We enjoy thousands of conveniences and luxuries, often at the flip of a switch or by pressing a button. We can make coffee in seconds, access information with a key stroke, and communicate with friends and family whenever we desire. We have doors that slide open when we approach and machines which provide instant answers to our most inane questions.

Today, we can drive or fly anywhere in this country at a reasonable cost, access the best health care in the world and depending on how hard we want to work, we can live and retire in the comfort and style we desire. And yet we gripe if it takes 10 seconds to get a computer response when we find that another system can deliver it in five.

We can plan our activities according to accurate weather forecasts, live in perpetual debt, and yet we find reasons to constantly gripe. I’m willing to bet most of the people trying to get into America wouldn’t complain and most would do whatever it takes to not fall into the ranks of the homeless.

So rejoice in all our opportunities to work, live and play because they are better than anywhere else in the world.