Letters to the Editor

Legislators, let’s protect the wild

I am excited for the upcoming legislative and congressional sessions, which will welcome many new faces and ideas to our government. 2019 presents a fresh opportunity to safeguard the unique wild flora and fauna species of our region. I ask our lawmakers to support upholding the Endangered Species Act and other ecosystem protection laws. Don’t we all want to preserve treasures like Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, our breathtaking coasts and water bodies, and glorious critters like orcas, wolves and eagles?

Friends, I encourage us all to call, write and visit our state and federal lawmakers to urge their support for state and national parks funding, for full funding of the Land and Water Conservation Fund (specifically, the federal bill to support is H.R. 6759), for a ban on plastic bags (due to their destructive impacts on wildlife) and for other pro-conservation legislation. I also believe that renewable energy investment measures deserve bipartisan support.

Environmental and economic health go hand-in hand. When we protect our ecosystems, we ensure that outdoor recreation and tourism will remain robust, and that natural resources will be plentiful in the long run.

Thanks for standing up for compassion towards our wildlife, lands and waters.