Letters to the Editor

Sexual Assault: Power, money and codes of silence

Recently, an AP article appeared stating: “For decades, nuns in India have quietly endured sexual pressure from Catholic priests. The stories come haltingly, quietly … the nuns speak … about priests who pressured them into sex…”

Many reading this are not Catholic and may wonder why I am writing on this in a secular newspaper. The answer is a Catholic newspaper will probably not print it. And while the Catholic Church hierarchy is a bastion of male domination, this problem exists wherever abusive individuals are protected by money, power and codes of silence.

For those of you who feel women are also to blame, facts do not support it. In 91 percent of cases, women, children and other men are raped by men. And their victims often do not report these rapes or molestation's because of errant shame, not because they do not happen.

It behooves us as rational persons to never excuse this behavior. This past year we witnessed it excused by others, while victims were blamed, as with Donald Trump, Brett Kavanaugh, and more. Sadly women often do not even report their rapists, they simply suffer the consequences.

If you are in a business, a religion, raise this question among your peers and do not let their shocking replies prevent you from raising it again. Please read the article. We must not turn from this reoccurring crime that damages so many precious individuals and may prevent them from reaching a potential that might benefit us all.