Letters to the Editor

Ours to set right, ours to keep right

And now it’s time to show The Trump Administration, and the world, who really runs America.

Individually and together, we’re already giving every assist we can to family and friends presently working without pay to keep our country functioning. But I’m asking that at every level, we start seriously organizing our efforts to make our assistance as effective as possible on the largest possible scale, for as long as it’s needed.

I’m talking about ordinary people volunteering to maintain safe access to national parks, and hundreds of other federal functions there’s nobody left on payroll to fill. But also, as credit union members, petitioning our boards of directors to be generous with loans and less rigorous repayment schedules.

And for the sake of our democracy, I think it’s fitting that the young rank-and-file membership of every political party forcefully take the lead. And that the rest of us visibly close ranks behind them. Exactly as we would in the event of either an enemy attack or a natural disaster.

Karl Schurz, German revolutionary turned abolitionist, Union Army general, Senator, Interior Secretary and friend of Abraham Lincoln, put it like this: “Our country, right or wrong. When it’s right, it’s ours to keep right. When wrong, it’s ours to set right.”

There’s no national security measure on Earth as powerful as an example of this order.