Letters to the Editor

Consolidation is a great idea

This Libertarian thanks you for your editorial of Dec. 28 suggesting we consolidate the cities of Tumwater, Lacey, and Olympia.

The idea of combining the three cities may concern some people so maybe we should discuss combining departments that are in each city as a starting place. Putting all the street maintenance under one countywide department, or a county wide parks and recreation might be a place to begin. Certainly a regional planning department would make more sense than what we have now, but one that seriously had its responsibilities reduced.

Over the last few years a lot of research has shown us how expensive these laws are and how harmful they are to the community. Economists from left to right have called for reform; from Jason Furman, former chair of Obama’s Council of Economic Advisors, to the Heritage Foundation.

We have forgotten that Democratic president Jimmy Carter deregulated a number of industries during his time in office, from trucking and rail to craft beer. Hopefully this legislature can follow his example.

Anything that can be done to improve efficiency, save tax dollars and put money back in the hands of the taxpayers while reducing their financial burden will be a big improvement