Letters to the Editor

We care when it matters to us

I live in a neighborhood where some care about the landscaping, others the speed limit, others the potlucks and luncheons and others like the neighborhood fine, but the rest of it doesn’t really matter. For those who care about certain aspects of the HOA, they voice their opinions and get involved and wish others would join in too.

As I consider the ‘partial government shutdown’, I think of it in a similar way as my neighborhood. If someone is not directly affected by lack of a paycheck or the ceasing of services provided by a certain agency or location, than perhaps their thoughts are something like: ‘Well, that’s too bad for them, but since it doesn’t affect my life, I’m not all that bothered by it’.

Yet, if you’ve ever been laid off out of the blue you can relate, you care and it matters. If you missed your fun, family weekend because the museum or national park wasn’t accessible, you care and it matters. If you’re not sure how you will pay your mortgage or rent payment this next month, you care and it matters.

As people, if we care and it matters to us, we typically want others to feel the same way and we want something done that brings about the change we desire. I hope we can all step back and consider others, regardless of political views, but just because we’re all people, we care and people matter.