Letters to the Editor

It is not climate change, it is climate crisis

In the context of global climate crisis, the Youth Action Board (YAB) of YWCA Olympia would like to highlight the Juliana v US Supreme Court case as well as the impact of climate crisis on people of color.

Juliana v US is a lawsuit against the federal government for their contribution to climate change. The youth plaintiffs behind this lawsuit demand a climate recovery plan to protect their right to a healthy atmosphere. The federal government has tried desperately to delay this case. They deny responsibility but have leased public lands and offered tax breaks to the fossil fuel industry. The United States has contributed over a quarter of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, and must be held accountable.

We are interested in seeing an article on how climate change affects marginalized people at disproportionate rates. In “An Unfair Share: Climate Change Hits Some Harder Than Others,” Deric Gruen states “communities of color, indigenous people, and people with lower incomes are all at greater risk because we … face greater barriers (with) less power to respond.” Insufficient emergency response to natural disasters devastates poor communities. Additionally, rising sea levels pose a direct threat to indigenous people living on the Pacific Islands, and to our own community here in the Puget Sound area.

Youth voices must be heard, as it will soon be our responsibility to remedy the disaster denied by our current administration. YAB demands that climate crisis and its unacknowledged impact on marginalized people is recognized by our government.