Letters to the Editor

Plant-based food for health of the planet

I recently watched a documentary called Dominion, which woke me up to how animals are treated in factory farms and slaughterhouses. Recent scientific studies are revealing the remarkable social complexity of pigs, cows and other farm animals. For example, pigs share many abilities (like facial recognition) with our beloved companion dogs.

Practicing compassion for all animals makes sense, is easy, satisfying and necessary if we hope to create a kinder world for everyone.

I encourage us all to opt for more plant-centric meals for the health of animals, humanity and the planet.

The amount of water and energy needed to produce one pound of grain pales in comparison to one pound of beef. Dairy products are similarly energy-intensive. By reducing our consumption of animal products, we are saving energy, water and even land, because grazing animals for meat or milk does demand a fair amount of space. Plant calories can be grown in much denser quantities than animal calories, without any risk of inhumane treatment.

Additionally, many medical experts are singing the praises of plant-centric diets for their ability to prevent and reverse various diseases. Let’s choose plants and rejoice in helping Earth, our fellow creatures and ourselves, friends.