Letters to the Editor

Nature will have its way regardless

Off hand, the Serenity Prayer comes to mind. Just how do we cope with an ever-warming atmosphere that seems to promote global problems? Not necessarily problems with what Earth has wrought upon itself, but as concerns the degree our influence has had against the natural tide – nature’s flux of to-and-fro – having been active without our (in)consequential impact since time began.

Desires for more of whatever have clouded our vision, but perhaps not our destiny, yet we now seem to be at impasse, floundering in worry and woe of worsening climate changes! Can you feel it?

I enjoyed the recent commentary by David Leonhardt concerning climate change being the most important story of 2018. I have no foolproof solution myself. But take a moment to consider the grand scheme of things Earth-wise. Many readers may disagree due to personal fealty toward beliefs, but facts are facts, undeniably.

Let’s go back a few thousand years to the last Glacial Maximum. Some 25,000 years ago the weather was intolerably cold for a seeming eternity. Once receding began, some 15,000 years before present, weather fluctuations remained dramatic and severe for millennia.

The Age of Ice, succeeded by the latter-day Holocene Age, is ever-trending to the climate warming we experience. No doubt mankind’s impact has been most destructive, but nature will have her way regardless; Earth’s complexities canceling our crude methods.

Mother Nature is fickle and unpredictable. If it were Father Nature, then prognosticating weather/climate would be a moot point.