Letters to the Editor

Biosolid proposal not on solid ground

I attended the Department of Ecology’s presentation of permit pending meeting for biosolids disruption. Since I had done extensive research before the meeting I had somewhat of a knowledge base. Their presentation was opposite of all that I understood. But I was aware of their agenda to sell the idea that this toxic solution was somehow magically good for us and the environment. Of course I had read their point of view.

So they are proposing to bring in 40 to 50 truckloads of sewage a day during peak times to spread on land off of Bald Hills Road. They said it would be smelly similar to but less than a mushroom farm. No animal should be on the land during the dumping process and sometime after.

It is clay land recently logged and a hydrologist who looked at the land claims that the sewage would eventually run into the Nisqually River.

I would encourage you to research this dangerous practice and then write a comment to Peter Lynos, Department of Ecology in Lacey, or email him at Peter.lyon@ecy.wa.gov Tell him no, we do not want your toxic waste on our land, streams and rivers. An excellent free video to watch to get a knowledge base is Biosluged by BrighteonFilms. Please inform yourselves and then stand up for nature and mankind.