Letters to the Editor

Schultz will be potential spoiler in 2020

If Howard Shultz wants to take a shot at a presidential run, then as a Democrat, he should do so as a party candidate. History tells us that as an independent candidate, his legacy will be that of a spoiler who guaranteed four more years of Trump. Ross Perot, John Anderson and Ralph Nader are some of the candidates in the more recent past who achieved nothing more than a spoiler status as a claim to fame.

Shultz’s stated reasoning for running as an independent is that he has policy differences with the Democrats, especially in the arena of health care. All of the Democratic presidential candidates will have various policy differences, and will have to slug it out through the selection process to become the party’s nominee. That is a fair and healthy process in which the most qualified candidate will come out on the top. Mr. Schultz should have the courage to take part in that process rather that taking the easy way out, and becoming known as the “2020 Spoiler of the Year.”