Letters to the Editor

Veteran’s homeless village ill conceived

After a Q&A session Feb. 1 at Christmas Village with City of Shelton proponents of the Veteran’s Homeless Village, and my own research, I have concluded this proposal is fraught with deception. There was no priority given to address concerns. Residents, some which are veterans, already have, namely security and property values. A local realtor warned that a homeless village near residences will drop residential property values; an opinion supported by a DuPage, Illinois, study and report given by a national realty association, and I quote: “a homeless facility has four times more negative effect on housing prices than being near a hospital and more of an effect than living near a powerplant and funeral home.” The data says this site will lower property values, increase costs to the city and county, and increase crime, all of which the city officials know.

Unlike Olympia's Quixote site, Shelton’s proposed site is a stone’s throw from more than 100 homes with a vulnerable elderly population, many physically limited, on a fixed income. Compound this security issue with the fact that the site is a half mile from four public schools with over 2,800 elementary to high schoolers. Parents of these vulnerable students should be appalled that no public or PTA meetings were held before site placement or leasing even commenced. Dozens of students walk daily to and from home by this proposed site.

Shelton’s green space cries out: Squatters welcome!