Letters to the Editor

I wasn’t vaccinated

I read with interest that the anti-vaxxers are pushing to further weaken Washington state's laws regarding childhood vaccination.

I was born in 1952 and contracted polio in 1955, just as a vaccine was being tested. Polio left me with lifelong problems and I have endured 10 painful operations to enable me to continue to walk. A bout with chickenpox as a toddler has left me with facial scars. In 1960, I had measles and meningitis, which l was lucky to survive, but which damaged my nerves, leaving me temporarily cross-eyed and permanently deaf in one ear.

All these childhood diseases are now preventable by vaccines. While my medical history may be an extreme example, the slogan is true: You don't have to vaccinate all your children, just the ones you love.

My parents loved me; there were no vaccines.