Letters to the Editor

Home disposals big waste of water

Cheers to The Olympian for sponsoring the five-session lecture series on ‘Where’s the Water” which was announced in your Feb. 3 issue. This study by the League of Women Voters will inform participants of serious problems we face in the near future. Users of clean water need to take every opportunity to conserve it.

My musings on this topic involve over 80 years of observations plus participation as a Commissioner of a King County Water and Sewer District (1981-1989), service on King County’s Metropolitan Water Pollution Abatement Advisory Committee during the same years, member of Lacey Planning Commission (2004-2009) and member of LOTT’s Community Advisory Group for the Reclaimed Water Infiltration Study (2012 to present).

Corporate advertising has given us some labor-saving devices, but also many unneeded kitchen toys and some that are downright wasteful. The worst of these, in my opinion, are in-sink garbage disposals which grind up compostable food waste and, with the help of large amounts of clean water, send it into the sewer. This uses up capacity in the wastewater treatment plant and unnecessarily increases treated solids and liquids needing disposal. Building another wastewater treatment facility is very expensive. You’ll pay for it with your taxes.

If you cannot or will not compost your peelings, cobs and cores, then just put them in the garbage and save all that clean water, and also the electricity used by the noisy grinder in your useless garbage disposal unit.