Letters to the Editor

Racist laws should be repealed

February is Black History Month and Joe Biden has informed us that racism is a systemic problem in our nation. Many Libertarians and I agree with him. And we’d like to fix that problem.

The first step in doing so would be to repeal the laws that are on the books of the nation that are racist in origin.

The Drug War is a good place to start. The Chinese were demonized in the effort to prohibit opium. African-Americans were demonized in the efforts to prohibit cocaine and Mexicans in the marijuana prohibition.

Nationwide zoning laws were passed with the goal of stopping race mixing, but have caused harm financially and in many other ways.

Then there are the gun laws which prohibited Blacks and Native-American from owning guns.

Occupational licensing laws were part of the post Civil-War effort to keep blacks under the thumb of the white power structure.

And the criminal justice system has some serious problems in the way it is applied.

If politicians and others get upset because someone uses a racial slur but ignores the policies that are racist in origin they have a problem. To paraphrase a famous line, sticks and stones may break some bones but unjust laws may just kill me.