Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for March 24

Election for Thurston Conservation District Supervisor

Do you want to have a say in how Thurston County residents like you manage and protect natural resources? Then request a ballot and vote for local farmer and Thurston County Democrats-endorsed candidate T.J. Johnson.

Even though only one candidate is running, we need your vote because (1) Someone may launch a write-in campaign and (2) A high voter turnout will demonstrate support for county funding.

The Thurston Conservation District is involved in many important conservation projects. As a non-regulatory agency, it also provides free technical assistance to landowners to manage natural resources on their property. T.J. Johnson has been a strong supporter of the Thurston Conservation District and will provide a voice for good conservation policy.

Request your ballot by March 25 in person at the Auditor’s office. Auditor’s office phone: 360-786-5408. Auditor’s office address: 2000 Lakeridge Drive SW, Olympia, in the Courthouse Complex, Building 1.

Complete and mail your ballot, postmarked no later than March 26, or drop it off in the ballot box at the Courthouse outside the building no later than 8 p.m. Tuesday, March 26. No other drop boxes will be available.

A single poll site will be open from 8 a.m. till 8 p.m. March 26 at 2905 29th Ave. SW, Suites E & F, Tumwater, adjacent to the Thurston Conservation District offices.

For questions, contact Nora White, Election Supervisor, at nwhite@thurstoncd.com or 360-754-3588 ext. 105.

Madeline Bishop, Olympia

Age 18 or 21 for smoking?

In response to a letter published on March 7 regarding raising the smoking age to 21: I’m a “reformed smoker” so I naturally view the habit with greater disdain than a “non-smoker.” It is not the possibility of raising the age that disgusts me, it is the disparity of the ages at which people are allowed to do certain things. If a person can not be trusted to purchase alcohol until they are 21, how can they be trusted to place their lives in danger in defense of the nation? If they cannot be trusted to purchase firearms until they are 21, how can they be trusted with the vote?

I have long been an advocate of one age for all things. Eighteen or 21. Make up your minds and settle on an age. Stop trying to engineer society by passing “feel good” laws on the hot topic du jour. Make it all one age; for alcohol, tobacco, firearms, entering the service and voting.

I remember the days when a male child could not get married, without parental consent, until he was 21. I remember the days when you could not vote until you were 21, as well. Get it together, people.

Steven Purcell, Bucoda