Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor for May 4

A proposal to raise Washington state’s smoking and vaping age to 21 has passed the Legislature on March 27.
A proposal to raise Washington state’s smoking and vaping age to 21 has passed the Legislature on March 27. Thad Allender

Washington state raises smoking age to 21

The bluenose hypocrites in the legislature and our governor do it again. True to the Progressive tradition of prohibition of alcohol and drugs, our mental midget rulers again deny basic rights to individuals aged 18 through 20.

If one is 18, you may vote (US Constitution, Amendment 26). You are also subject to criminal and civil law as an adult. You are also subject to the draft (perhaps only if you are male). You can take on so much debt for college that you could be subject to that debt your entire life. You can’t even wipe it out via bankruptcy. You can freely marry and have children. Yet you are denied a beer or a smoke.

The twisted logic of our rulers, though, didn’t make it illegal to buy or possess the deadly weed. They just made it a crime to sell it to you. They even had the gall to extend the crime to selling any tobacco or vapor products. Businesses must post signs restricting your entrance.

I used to live in a country that discriminated widely against minorities. It looks like I still do. Only now the signs read: 21+ only.

Edwin Poll II, Lacey

Say goodbye to the Big Shoe

Entertainment Explosion’s A Really Big Shoe concert series at the Washington Center has ended after 13 fabulous years. While EE will continue to perform at place likes the Farmers Market, Lakefair, Colonial Inn and other localities, the Big Shoe series was culminated on March 31 with the special encore performance of legendary folk-music icons The Brothers Four!

It was a record year for sponsors and support, and with a $203.01 donation from the EE board bringing this year’s total to $47,000, we ended the 13 years with $350,000 donated to the homeless and needy students in eight local school districts – Olympia, Tumwater, North Thurston, Shelton, Yelm, Rochester, Tenino and Rainier – and to Community Youth Services.

A huge thanks to all of our sponsors, some who were there from the beginning, including Olympia Federal Savings, Anchor Bank, City of Tumwater, Panorama, OBEE Credit Union, Olympia Host Lions, The Olympian, KGY, Mixx 96.1, FTE Magazine and the Senior News. Also the great fans who came back year after year and bought their tickets.

But most importantly, the more than 250 individuals who appeared on stage and backstage beginning in 2007, including 13-year veterans Newt Buker, Jerry Marsh, Jim Parker, Maggie Schoengarth, and our emcee John “The Big Guy” Willis.

EE started as a break-off group from another senior entertainment group, and we soon flew right by them and never looked back. Thank you, Thurston County!

Scott Schoengarth, Olympia