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Letters to the editor for May 8

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The Olympian editor Dusti Demarest explains the guidelines for submitting a Letter to the Editor to the newspaper.
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The Olympian editor Dusti Demarest explains the guidelines for submitting a Letter to the Editor to the newspaper.

Lacey Council proves why voters didn’t trust them with a parks district

On April 25, the Lacey City Council voted to approve a contract to build a “Trail Amenity” for the cost of $760,000. “The structure will be utilized as a trail amenity containing toilet rooms, picnic area, and associated spaces.” Are we expected to believe that $890,000 (Including the other costs) is really needed for a bathroom and picnic area?

Perhaps the price tag wouldn’t be so high if the Council would worry less about making monuments, and be more concerned with projects that get the job done. How much taxpayer dollars have been added to the project to construct a “wood framed structure closely matching the original 1894 Northern Pacific Railway depot design that once stood near this site” compared to just providing for the needs of the area?

The council is showing yet again that they believe tax dollars are paid for them to make monuments, no matter how small of a segment of the taxpayers actually uses it or needs it.

Has the housing crisis suddenly been solved? Has the homelessness crisis been fixed? Or is the council once again spending money and time on the wrong issues? Maybe they are spending your tax dollars to “build excitement for the future Museum and Civic Center” as they give as a “pro” in the motion to approve the contract.

No matter the Council’s given reasoning for spending so much money, this perfectly exemplifies the reason why voters soundly rejected the Metro Parks District.

Chris Rohloff, Lacey

Impeachment now

It’s time to open impeachment proceedings. It is a breach of the oaths of office of all members of Congress to abrogate this duty following the damning evidence in the Mueller report.

This should not be a political consideration. The fact that the Republican Senate is unlikely to convict is irrelevant to this duty — and if Senate Republicans do fail to convict, you can hang their failure to live up to their oaths of office around their necks for decades.

We can’t let Republicans dictate the terms at this critical juncture. They are on the wrong side of history on this, so it’s left to the patriots on the left to see this through.

I truly hope that Senators Cantwell and Murray and Rep. Heck consider that while their constituents are behind them now, and don’t hand Republicans more fodder to label them as weak and scared. If my elected officials fail in this most important duty, they will make them right.

Chris Smith, Tumwater