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Letters to the editor for May 18

How to submit a Letter to the Editor

The Olympian editor Dusti Demarest explains the guidelines for submitting a Letter to the Editor to the newspaper.
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The Olympian editor Dusti Demarest explains the guidelines for submitting a Letter to the Editor to the newspaper.

Dear Canada: Reconsider harp seal hunt

I am angered to learn that the Canadian harp seal hunt still continues this year. Isn’t it time for more compassion for wild species?

The commercial seal hunt is still practiced in certain regions of Canada, primarily by fishermen in the off-season. According to the Humane Society, hunters make about one-twentieth of their income from the seal hunt. Seals are brutally killed (I will omit the tragic methods that hunters use) for their pelts, a luxury item. The Canadian government currently subsidizes this hunt and has allowed hunters to exceed the seal-killing “quotas” by the thousands many times.

It is time for humans to evolve for the kinder and end this cruelty. Friends, let’s exercise our powers of compassion and flood the Canadian government with phone calls and hand-written letters. Let’s urge them to replace the seal hunt with economic alternatives (like outdoor tourism and seal-watching), coupled with a federal buyout of the commercial sealing industry. The government could buy back sealing licenses from fishermen to compensate them during the period of transition towards these alternatives. This was the solution to ending the Canadian whale hunt; we know it works.

Thank you for advocating for the sake of precious wildlife.

Rebecca Canright, Olympia

Why is Lacey considering a disc golf course at McAllister Community Park?

I am a resident of McAllister Park, one of four neighborhoods working hard to fight a proposal by the South Puget Sound Disc Golf Association for an 18-hole “gold level” disc golf course at our local McAllister Community Park.

McAllister Community Park is a beautiful 60-acre plot still in its natural state. It has nature trails, wetlands, woodlands, endangered Garry (White) Oaks, threatened Mazama pocket gophers as well as declining numbers of camas lilies, bald eagles, songbirds and wildlife. It is also one of the last prairies in the Hawks Prairie area. Very few parks like this remain in our community. This particular park happens to be in an Urban Growth Area.

Lacey Parks and Recreation is deviating from its Comprehensive Plan to create this disc course and we’re curious as to why. Also, why spend tax dollars in an Urban Growth Area, when the tax dollars would be much better served within the City of Lacey?

McAllister Community Park is designated as a multi-use park. If this park is converted to a disc golf course, it would be impossible for the multitude of park visitors to use the park without risking injuries or interfering with the golfers’ games. Essentially, the Parks Commission will be converting this beautiful park into a single-use park for disc golf.

If you use this park or feel it is important to leave some land “undeveloped,” we urge you to email Lacey Parks at jburbidge@ci.lacey.wa.us and express your thoughts. Or contact me at scooters@bellsouth.net

Lori Richardson, Lacey