Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor for May 23

Watch drone footage of beautiful whales, dolphins swimming in Monterey Bay

The Monterey Bay Whale Watch caught sight of gray whales mating in the bay with hundreds of dolphins swimming among them.
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The Monterey Bay Whale Watch caught sight of gray whales mating in the bay with hundreds of dolphins swimming among them.

Act to prevent gray whales from dying

Sad to read that gray whales are dying of starvation. Instead of watching and wondering why, how about feeding them?

We read that next year will help us know why and then maybe we will do something. Proactive action may save them. Isn’t that the job of someone, to prevent extinction from happening?

The bottom of the food chain is suffering or this would not happen. What happens to the animals happens to man, said Chief Seattle. How sad to see these creatures washed up on the shore. Isn’t it depressing enough?

The people who do whale watching should gather whatever food they like and deliver. The folks who pollute their home should stop. Everything depends on everything else. Praying also would help.

Until we care about our home and its creatures, we are all in danger of extinction.

Maryanne deGoede, Olympia

2020 election is not about politics

When I think about the upcoming 2020 election, it really is not about politics. It’s about human decency.

During the new millennium, the U.S. has been pursuing wars like the war in Iraq and undeclared war in Yemen. It has been about voter suppression (North Carolina); gerrymandering (Ohio); legitimizing sexual assault (Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh); mistreatment of refugees (parents and children separation policy); Trump’s legitimizing white supremacist group activities in Charlottesville; police killing unarmed black men; religious bigotry such as death threats to U.S. Rep. Omar.

So yes, if these are the things you favor in a democracy then, of course, vote your conscience.

I, on the other hand, I am for the Bill of Rights and the constitutional guarantees promised by our forefathers: freedom of religion, freedom of the press, police that will protect and serve, justice under the law, protection from sexual predators, and other rights and protections.

So, I say the upcoming election is not about politics, it’s about all our citizens being treated fairly and allowing all to pursue their own happiness without the government imposing racist, sexist, immoral and unjustified harm on its citizens. It’s about respect for the individual and not putting some moral judgment on those that don’t believe as I do when it comes to religion, race, sex and national origin.

Vote! It’s your right! And if you vote your conscience, I hope you will use the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as a consideration in your decision.

Rick Yale, Olympia