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Letters to the editor for June 2

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The Olympian editor Dusti Demarest explains the guidelines for submitting a Letter to the Editor to the newspaper.
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The Olympian editor Dusti Demarest explains the guidelines for submitting a Letter to the Editor to the newspaper.

Questions about Gov. Inslee’s Clean Energy plan

I have some questions for Governor/President-Elect Inslee about his 100 percent Clean Energy for America Plan.

With so many electric vehicles on the road, most or all gas stations will close because they won’t be able to make a living pumping a few 100 gallons of gas a week. So, where will we be able to purchase gasoline for our lawn tractors, outboard motors, emergency generators, farm tractors, chain saws, vintage/collector automobiles, etc.?

Additionally, where will we get all of this electricity to run the millions of air conditioners, furnaces, ovens, televisions, computers, lighting — the list goes on and on. Solar panels only work in sunlight, mining materials for solar causes tons of pollution, windmills only work when the wind blows and, in our state, we are tearing down dams to save the salmon. So where will all of this electricity come from?

How much will this cost each of us, the individual taxpayers, for all of this zero carbon? I suspect it will cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes, new zero-carbon Items and gas for those things that need gas with so few gas stations. I am sure there be many brownouts, and we will be living in the dark during the nights and winter months.

As a resident of Washington, I would like Governor/President-Elect Inslee to explain to me and everyone else how this can be accomplished without costing us a monumental increase in taxes.

Donavon Prom, Centralia

Kaiser Woods plan is too much for too few

Why is the city of Olympia turning a park over to mountain bikers? Olympia is growing and needs its parks for multiple users.

Kaiser Woods, a 69-acre forested area, is slated to become a “dedicated” mountain bike park, ignoring the citizen priority of “hiking trails,” even though our taxes pay half of the $1.3 million purchase plus operating costs.

This park is wanted, not needed, by bikers. Nearby Capitol Forest has 166 miles of bike trails and many more trails are on 800 acres of timberland adjacent to Kaiser Woods.

The city hired a private mountain biking group to design, build and maintain the park. The three park designs they provided didn’t take into account its wetlands and streams. Clearly, their priority is biking trails, not the environment.

Mountain biking is a high-risk sport for the few who can afford the bike, special shoes, full-face helmet and body armor. Non-bikers won’t have any protection from harm in a collision.

Bikers will have right of way on all 20 trails -- way too many for the site. Pedestrians will be relegated mostly to the park fringes -- along a gravel road, powerlines and backyards.

Kaiser Woods is situated above two neighborhoods (Ken Lake and Westbrook Park) and has thin soil over fractured rock. Neighbors already have traffic and flooding issues. Trail building and bike tires will worsen flooding. Ken Lake will be affected.

This plan gives too much to too few, and will cause too much environmental damage. Please ask city officials to deep-six it.

Evonne Hedgepeth, Olympia