Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor for June 12

Why is Lacey considering a disc golf course at McAllister Park?

It’s a shame that McAllister Park is being considered by Lacey Parks Department for disc golf use — especially since there is already a disc golf course less than 2 miles away and the city has a 400-acre park (Cuoio Park) which could easily handle a new disc golf course. (McAllister Park is only about 60 acres.)

At McAllister Park, the course is laid out over the current paths and walkways so the claim that it can co-exist with the current use of walking trails, jogging, dog walking, etc., I am not buying. The park, or most of it, should be left in its natural state as the local residents have requested.

Some day the City of Lacey will ask the local residents to vote on being annexed into the city. The McAllister Park issue may be a good test subject to see if the city actually cares about the local residents, who want the park to remain in its natural state, or if they succumb to outside interests and put in a largely unwanted disc golf course.

I certainly hope the city will listen to the wishes of the local residents, hundreds of whom use the park every week.

Wayne Peterson, Olympia

The party of hypocrisy

Free market capitalism? With tariff wars?

No “Big Nanny” government but controlling women’s bodies, banning transgender military personnel, and limiting whom a person can marry?

Hating “socialism” but using taxes from all to placate some farmer victims of trade wars and some states harmed by altered-climate disasters?

Embracing “states’ rights” but funding the border wall’ with all our dollars despite some states’ opposition?

“Drain the Swamp”? With nepotism and sycophantic appointments or worse while reaping millions of our dollars in trips to Trump resorts?

Claiming to value historic alliances but leaving NATO, bullying Mexico, and helping Putin dismantle the EU?

Punishing Cuba, again, because “it’s communist” while embracing Russia, China, and other totalitarian regimes?

“Pro Life” while slashing budgets to SNAP, Medicaid, and health care, defunding regulatory agencies that protect our food, medicine, and workplace, and simultaneously embracing the death penalty?

The party of “fiscal responsibility”? With record deficits and giving the Medal of Freedom to Arthur Laffer for his ‘”Laffable” trickle-down economic theory which Reagan-Trump-McConnell used to explode our budget debt?

“Valuing” public education while helping Betsy DeVos privatize it?

“Support our troops” by maligning John McCain’s distinguished service while “bone spurs” enabled your deferment from any service to our nation, ever?

“I’m the most transparent president” but still withholding tax returns, and ordering subordinates to defy subpoenas?

Reciting the Pledge publicly while siding with white nationalist racist xenophobes and using vile language to describe immigrants and others?

Time to restore America. Remove the federal GOP, party of hypocrisy.

Gary Gerst, Olympia