Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor for June 13

Olympia School District considers later start times

The Olympia School District has put forth a survey on school start time. The Olympian directs the public to the survey, which begins with a video that speaks on the benefits to a late start. There is no opposing argument included in the video. No mention of the impact on after-school sports, after-school employment, drivers education, or mental health of children exposed to more dark hours to accommodate a school late start.

It is difficult to conduct outside sports in the winter daylight hours and changing the start time of school will have a negative impact. Kids will be practicing in the dark. Lights will have to be used, which not only will cost money, but fields with lights are not abundant enough in the area to accommodate all the sports.

Drivers education in the dark is far from ideal for safety and mental health.

Late start times also mean late release times. Kids who need to fit in homework, sports, and employment will be negatively impacted and will be studying late into the night. This will not resolve morning fatigue.

Will the nightly Washington state curfew hours be adjusted to accommodate the students so they can work later and legally drive later? Please present a balanced story on this issue.

Amy Moon, Olympia

Jessica Bateman for City Council

I am supporting Jessica Bateman for Olympia City Council.

Over the past four years, I have seen her grow as an experienced, smart and energetic leader. Jessica led the campaign to pass the Home Fund, working for over two years to pass the measure providing much needed revenue for housing our most vulnerable residents.

She thoughtfully addresses community challenges with a bias for taking action, not just talking. She understands that our housing affordability and homelessness problems are complex and require multiple actions to both increase housing supply as well as meet the dire needs of people living on our streets.

Jessica is committed to ensuring Olympia is a safe and welcoming community for all and carries that spirit with her in all her work on our behalf.

Paul Knox, Olympia