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Letters to the editor for June 29

How to submit a Letter to the Editor

The Olympian editor Dusti Demarest explains the guidelines for submitting a Letter to the Editor to the newspaper.
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The Olympian editor Dusti Demarest explains the guidelines for submitting a Letter to the Editor to the newspaper.

Fascism rising

What if 60 percent of adults over 18 can’t name the three branches of government created by our Constitution? What if 70 percent of people aged 16- 50 believe that government is bad?

What if a county jury pool of 60 registered voters heckled members of that group for being teachers, college professors, or federal/state/county/city government workers?

What if armed local militias accompany selected officials, substituting for county/state/federal law enforcement?

What if children born in the US. along with those brought by parents fleeing war, famine, and torture, are kept in cement-floor pens without food, water, waste facilities, beds, soap, or comfort of any sort?

History tells us what this means.

Every native American, every grandchild of Japanese ancestry, every grandchild of the European/Jewish Holocaust, every African American, and LatinX American knows what this means. Every historian knows. Every sociologist and social scientist knows. Every caseworker connected to every nonprofit organization knows. Anyone helping women and children in any capacity knows.

What do they know?

Racism, sexism and money shapes everything. Wealthy persons and powerful corporations employ them, but do not support them. These same elite are not held accountable for their actions, even when those actions harm and impoverish countless humans and other living beings that need water, earth and air to thrive.

Patriotism and nationalism mean nothing if humans seeking safety die; if ecosystems die; if compassion and knowledge, both, are overtaken by greed.

Learn about democracy before voting in fascism.

How can we all serve the common good?

Liza Rognas, Olympia

10 best reasons for a Veggie Independence Day

Here are the 10 best reasons for barbecuing veggie burgers and hot dogs this Independence Day, rather than ground-up animal body parts:

Focusing on traffic and fireworks safety, rather than food safety.

Giving your eyes a break from reading government food warning labels.

Not sweating nasty E. coli and Salmonella bugs, if temperature is too low.

Not sweating cancer-causing compounds, if barbecue temperature is too high.

Not wondering about what’s really in that burger or hot dog you’re chewing.

Giving your body a holiday from saturated fat, cholesterol, and hormones.

Not sweating the animal cruelty and environmental devastation guilt trips.

Not having to explain to your kids why we feed Rex and eat Babe.

Distinguishing your Independence Day menu from your friends and neighbors.

Celebrating a day of independence from the meat industry.

Andrew Petuchov, Olympia