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Letters to the editor for July 31

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The Olympian editor Dusti Demarest explains the guidelines for submitting a Letter to the Editor to the newspaper.
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The Olympian editor Dusti Demarest explains the guidelines for submitting a Letter to the Editor to the newspaper.

Re-elect Cheryl Selby Olympia mayor

Cheryl Selby has the vision, savvy, persistence and energy Olympia needs. That’s why I’m heartily supporting her re-election as Mayor of Olympia.

Cheryl has taken the lead in building coalitions and partnerships to share responsibility, assess options and take the best steps forward on a range of tough issues and promising opportunities in our city and our region. She shows up, listens, and works hard.

Cheryl and the City Council have focused on homelessness. Olympia has moved forward with compassion and pragmatism to provide emergency response and longer-term solutions – including establishing the Home Fund to support temporary housing, shelters, and key services.

Cheryl is an active advocate for the health of downtown Olympia. A long-time small business owner, she values the business and retail community, and works with the Olympia Downtown Alliance and many others to improve the safety and ambience of downtown.

In 2017, Cheryl brought new thinking about how the city can best support and advance arts, culture and heritage – and we are now seeing the first steps forward to expand those opportunities.

Cheryl works hard for Olympia: for our neighborhoods, our downtown, our future. Vote for Cheryl for Mayor of Olympia in the primary election – and remember to return your ballot by Aug. 6.

Kris Tucker, Olympia

50 years ago

Fifty years ago they stepped upon the Moon. Today as the Earth burns up, wealthy elites turn abandoned missile silos into condos and design Martian escape rockets. The White House climate change policy is denial and plastic straws. Instead of wasting your time with my protest letter, I’ll make two predictions.

First, today large numbers of Republicans and Democrats feel abandoned by their parties. With the GOP captured by the Alt-Right, normal conservatives become commentators on MSNBC. Progressive Democrats feel equally ignored. I predict principled conservatives may choose to blend the Bull Moose Party of Roosevelt with Lincoln’s idealism. And Biden may force progressives to form their own party alternative as well.

Second, today trade wars now add chaos to a fragile global economy. At home, plutocrats deregulate, while casino capitals speculate. In 2019 we have the worst wealth inequality since Bush’s 2008 recession; thus paving the way for an amplified repeat in 2020. Then Trump will demand we bail out those too big to fail, while ignoring the rest of us.

If the economy tanks before the election, Trump gets to wear a Lock-Him-Up jail jumpsuit that matches his complexion. If it happens after he is re-elected, he’ll use the downturn to justify dismantling our remaining government agencies.

Fifty years ago the tumult was about peace and justice. Today’s Trumpian chaos is much darker, driven by a caged cruelty. Nixon’s and Clinton’s dishonorable activities pale in comparison to our “StableGenius” making us “RaptureReady” for our end of times.

Martin Kimeldorf, Olympia