Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor for Aug. 10

Don’t showcase Trump’s name-calling

For shame, for shame. I was shocked and dismayed to see your front page headline “Trump lashes out at Sharpton on Twitter, says he ‘Hates Whites.’” It truly is a new low in journalistic standards -- and not only for the grammar, capitalization and punctuation. The content sucked.

If I’d submitted that headline in my high school journalism class, I would have gotten a D. What was your purpose in repeating Trump’s hate speech in bold capital letters on the front page? Talk about enabling his racism!

How many Trump supporters are going to fill their factually empty heads with your headline, wrongfully believing that Trump never lies? Just glancing at it (doubt they’d read it) all they’ll see is Trump’s schoolyard bully name-calling against a man that is far more respectable with higher personal integrity and far more actual service to America than Trump could ever buy.

I can’t expect that the editor would have the courage to print the more appropriate headline, “Trump Can’t Stop Making a Fool of Himself on Twitter” or “Trump’s Racist Attacks Continue” -- but the least you could do is stop putting hate speech in bold letters in a headline on the front page of your paper.

And no, putting it in quotes didn’t make it any less disgusting. It smells of propaganda. Don’t do it. Not when it shares a page with the name of Olympia, Washington. That headline does not represent our city’s attitudes.

Elna Benoit, Olympia

City Council shouldn’t use tax money to fight for Missing Middle

To Olympia City Council:

Please stop using my taxes to pay for your Missing Middle, which has been ruled illegal. What you are doing is unethical and should be illegal! Please stop!

City Council is spending $60,000 fighting our own neighborhoods! Missing Middle ruled by Growth Management Board illegal, unethical and bad for our neighborhoods. Council uses our taxes to fight on — fighting the very people that they are supposed to be representing.

City Council grants wealthy developers 8-year tax exemptions on downtown apartments and condos — and more exemptions are in the works! Who’s going to pick up the tab for their huge profits?

Mark Crosson, Olympia