Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor for Aug. 11

Comprehensive gun control necessary

I urge Sen. Cantwell, Rep. Heck and Sen. Murray to pass comprehensive gun reform. This should be a priority and we need to stop letting the NRA control our government. The Second Amendment was not intended to be the way it is, and children are dying.

When is this country going to wake up? Does someone in politics need a child need to be shot in order for something to change?

My son starts school this year and I am terrified for his safety. I shouldn’t be having to consider buying a bulletproof backpack for my child. As a citizen I am powerless and I voted for Sen. Cantwell, Rep. Heck and Sen. Murray because I thought they could make this world a better place. I urge them to do so.

Krystal Sterling, Olympia

No new pay-per-mile tax

So our legislature is looking into a “pay-per mile” tax, a vehicle tax currently being tried on a voluntary basis in Oregon. Once again and now using computer technology, we have another attempt at raising more money for our elected officials to waste.

After reading this Aug. 5 article in The Olympian, I hope people also read the vehicle cyber-attack story on 2A. If so, they would understand just how vulnerable vehicle computer systems are to hackers, fraud and exploitation, even by our own government.

In today’s current state of government hypocrisy, there is no way our leaders can address and manage the fair collection of fees for their unregulated coffers. If you think otherwise, just look into how many people in America refuse to pay their fair amount of taxes, or don’t pay at all. You can start with the man running the White House.

In this country, there is no real enforcement in making people pay for anything, whether it’s for medical services, auto insurance or credit card debt. In other words, there is absolutely nothing fair about a system when only the responsible, law-abiding citizens are carrying the load for everyone else. This includes those who cheat and defraud our welfare system.

If this state ever rolls out a per-mile tax, I’ll pay it but only when everyone is paying. Good luck with that.

Bob Hill, Olympia