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Letters to the editor for Aug. 14

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The Olympian editor Dusti Demarest explains the guidelines for submitting a Letter to the Editor to the newspaper.
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The Olympian editor Dusti Demarest explains the guidelines for submitting a Letter to the Editor to the newspaper.

Government and business should be partners, not enemies

Neither Republican nor Democrat, right or left, I believe the goal should be to make people independent, not more dependent; make people self-reliant, not more reliant on government programs.

If corporate lobbyists didn’t bribe our Congress, we would employ the anti-trust laws we already have to break up monopolies and make huge corporations pay taxes, using that revenue to stimulate job growth and small businesses in economically depressed communities. You don’t need socialism to do that -- just honest politicians.

But party elites know the key to power is keeping citizens dependent on government. If politicians cared for people instead of power, they would talk about job creation, about stimulating business startups, about changing the curriculum in our public schools to teach marketable skills, to fund internships for youth in local businesses. Politicians would not pit government against the free market, pushing a sophomoric dualism about socialism versus. capitalism. Rather, they would use government stimulus to spark jobs in the marketplace. Where else will they find the tax base to support their government?

I will back the candidate who talks about local government-business partnerships, not the candidate who uses government as a bludgeon to punish capital growth and entrepreneurial energy.

Fred LaMotte, Steilacoom

Above politics

The racialization of our language and attacks on those who differ from us is wrong. We can no longer sit quiet, hearing and watching what is tearing us further apart as a nation, especially from the highest elected public official of the land.

A President is supposed to talk about what we all have in common as Americans and our common goals is as a country.

As Americans, it is time for each of us to publicly demand that the President be censured by Congress and by us for acting like he is racist, sexist, and anti-LGBTQ people.

This is one white person who objects strongly to the language and behavior you use, Mr. Trump, to further divide us as people.

Mary Jane B. MacCloughlin, Olympia

Don’t vote for any Republicans

The legislative walkout by Oregon Republican Senators shows that the rot emanating from Trump has oozed from the highest levels of government down to the local level. The lesson for all of us is never vote for any GOP candidates, no matter how reasonable or “mainstream” they seem to be.

By walking out of a legislative session (preventing a vote on a climate change bill) the Oregon Republican senators showed that they can and will sabotage America’s policy making, even when they are in the minority. All (nine) of them walked out. Not one stayed to do the job they were elected and paid for: make the best opposing arguments possible, then (if unsuccessful) accept the outcome gracefully and move on.

All of them. No weighing of individual consciences here; just lockstep obedience to what they all knew Trump wants.

Would Washington’s legislative Republicans sabotage the process that way? Ask them, and they would reply “Of course not!” But Oregon’s GOP senators would have said the same thing earlier on. Congressional, state, and local Republicans – all will bend to the will of Trump enforcers when their orders come down, sooner or later.

“Madame/Mr. Republican Representative, planning on opposing something Trump wants? How would you like the Party of Trump to find and fund a loyalist stooge opponent in your next primary?” That’s the threat that brings “mainstream” Republicans back to Trump and his destruction of America. There is only one defense: Keep all Republicans out of government.

David H. Milne, Shelton