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Letters to the editor for Sept. 5

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The Olympian editor Dusti Demarest explains the guidelines for submitting a Letter to the Editor to the newspaper.
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The Olympian editor Dusti Demarest explains the guidelines for submitting a Letter to the Editor to the newspaper.

Voting can hurt!

The only thing worse than not voting is being an uninformed voter. If we have a prayer to take back our country from the corporations spending millions to dictate our families’ futures, we have to take the time to be informed voters.

Party lines don’t matter anymore. Financial, insurance, drug, developers and oil companies give hundreds of millions to both Democratic and Republican parties. Their payback is enormous and we the taxpayers are picking up the tab!

This won’t end until we become responsible voters. We have got to get corporate money out of selecting and influencing the very people who should be looking out for us.

Mark Crosson, Olympia

We need a single-payer health-care system

Regarding The Olympian’s Aug. 29 article “Providence St. Peter nurses vote down contract proposal:”

I am proud to be a union-represented Registered Nurse at Providence St. Peter Hospital in Olympia. This hospital has delivered excellent care to our community since 1887. However, the unrelenting pressure to feed the health care middlemen (the insurance companies and now the “investors”) has morphed St. Peter from a community-based hospital to a cog in the behemoth machinery of Providence St. Joseph Health (PSJH). Since 2016 (the business marriage between the two saints) St. Peter must do what St. Joseph tells him to do. St. Joseph has told St. Peter to shortchange the nurses and outsource the accounting services to India.

Outsourcing equals unemployment equals uninsured which PSJH already can’t afford to handle … so they “have to” lay off those accountants to be able to deliver charity care to them later on. They can’t outsource nursing care (yet), but they “have to” extract more labor for less money and introduce practices that incentivize caregivers to come to work when ill. This is the irrational business model forced onto our local hospitals and our national health care by the GOP’s refusal to consider a single-payer system.

Washingtonians should have the jobs generated by Washington hospitals and clinics. Nurses shouldn’t have to go on strike to get designated sick leave. These are negative reflections on a health-care system forced to prioritize profit over health care. The corporatized private/no insurance health care (i.e. the Republican model) has failed our country.

Medicare for All. It works.

Elna Benoit, Olympia