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Letters to the editor for Sept. 6

How to submit a Letter to the Editor

The Olympian editor Dusti Demarest explains the guidelines for submitting a Letter to the Editor to the newspaper.
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The Olympian editor Dusti Demarest explains the guidelines for submitting a Letter to the Editor to the newspaper.

Evaluating the Democratic candidates for President

People are watching Democrats compete for the presidential nomination and there’s going to be another debate with 10 candidates later this month. I would have liked Michael Bennet and Steve Bullock included in the next debate to add more moderate voices to the discussion. I’m suggesting that reading the biographies and positions of candidates is a better way to understand a debate rather than just watching cable news commentary.

Of the three top contenders I think Elizabeth Warren is looking more presidential all the time. Bernie Sanders is still angry, scolding, ranting and throwing his hands in the air and saying we need a revolution. Is he too progressive or just not presidential? Joe Biden is ahead in the polls. What about Joe Biden? That’s open for discussion.

Many of us who are in our early seventies or getting close are staying healthy with a good diet, exercise and activities. Even so we notice little changes in our memory beyond just putting the keys in the same place every time or little notes on the refrigerator. Math and writing skills diminish. The family cook used to have a lot of favorite recipes in her head but now only a few. In conversations with others our vocabulary has shrunk. This isn’t a disease, it’s just a slow and normal process. However, we know that slow process could speed up at any time. Clearly, Joe Biden should step down from running for President.

Sally Trummert, Yelm

Why I endorse Joe Downing for Port Commissioner

The Port of Olympia’s mission is economic development. Commissioner Joe Downing has a BA in economics and a master’s in Business Administration. He took the initiative to prepare himself for Port Commissioner by serving on the Port’s citizen volunteer advisory committee for six years and now four years as commissioner. He worked 10 years for the state as a financial adviser, and 20 years in private industry.

Joe truly understands that he is in a non-partisan position and serves all constituents. He does this by listening to and giving a fair hearing to concerns. Joe is not a special-interest or one-issue candidate.

There is diversity of thought within the context of public opinion and Joe considers this thoughtfully and finds ways to work with competing interests, seeking solutions to move forward. Joe has good ideas and believes in the work he is doing.

Joe cares deeply about the environment and will make good decisions weighing environmental impacts. He is a sailor, a day hiker, and an active bicyclist who rode across the country. He is an animal rescuer -- just ask the tiny damaged kitty he pulled out of a ditch while riding his bike.

Joe has the experience and background that makes him ideally suited to this work and I urge you to support Joe.

Michelle Aguilar-Wells, Olympia