Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor for Sept. 8

Vote for Phyllis Booth for Olympia City Council

I’m writing in support of the campaign to elect Phyllis Booth to Olympia City Council Position 2. Phyllis has spent the last 30 years working tirelessly to ensure everyone has a voice here in Thurston County.

Phyllis is someone we desperately need on our city council because she is fighting to protect the rights of all residents, she is fighting for affordable housing in our community, she’s an advocate of the environment (endorsed by the Sierra Club of South Sound and others), and she is fighting for transparency in our city.

Visit www.pbooth.org to learn more about Phyllis and join me in enthusiastically voting for Phyllis Booth for Olympia City Council Position 2.

Alyssa Humbert, Olympia

Can’t we avoid killing sea lions?

Thanks for keeping us informed about the environment and how our input is important to agencies making decisions about killing ocean mammals.

I don’t think that killing sea lions will do the trick to restore salmon and steelhead. If it is true, as it states in the article, that the dam we built created the feast for sea lions, then we should take down the dam. The Wild Fish Conservancy it also says opposes their killing as well.

What is the easiest and cheapest way to do something — anything — to affect this problem? Why killing, of course. It should be studied to see if there are creative alternatives. These sea lions have a right to life. One swam up to me at the marina when I was in a kayak. They are intelligent and go where there is food.

Please give your input on this issue. Perhaps if humans stopped eating salmon, there would be enough for the whales and other parts of the ecosystem that depend on them. They are a key species for all life in this biome.

Can’t they see the big picture? What happens to the animals happens to us. I think Chief Seattle said that.

Maryanne DeGoede, Olympia