Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor for Sept. 12

We should not offer sanctuary to illegal immigrants

Temple Beth Hatfiloh is shielding illegal immigrants and breaking the law. This mother and son were not allowed asylum so they broke the law by coming Illegally into the US, and this temple is acting Illegally as a sanctuary. Just as Washington state is acting illegally as a sanctuary state!

The mother and son traveled all the way to the US. There are countries between their home and the US. Just because they were told no does not mean they can break US law. We need to quit breaking the law and shielding illegal immigrants. Legal immigrants are supposed to have a supporter who helps them.

Catherine Galey, Tenino

Hope for the homeless

Homelessness in our community, like in many places in the USA, has presented increasing challenges and needs. I feel so fortunate to be working with a church in developing a transitional living place, consisting of “tiny houses” in a community newly named “Hope Village.”

Hope Village, with limited spaces available, is a temporary home for people who have for whatever reason come to live on the streets. These residents will work with social services and have life goals of finding work and affordable housing. Residents will be selected by the church collaborating with an agency currently working with the City of Olympia and its Plum Street Tiny House Village.

Hope Village is sponsored by Westminster Presbyterian Church, the only church in our community that has to this point applied to the City of Olympia for a permit to develop such a village. It is my expectation and prayer that many other churches will respond to this challenge. The needs are so great and increasing.

James D. Fett, Lacey