Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor for Sept. 18

Feeling let down by the Olympia post office

On Wednesday, Aug. 28, I dropped a medium-sized Priority Mail “if it fits, it ships” box at the west Olympia post office during business hours.

The following Monday, the recipient contacted me and said that, according to tracking, my box had not left Olympia.

I went to the west Olympia post office and they said they did not know where my package was. They also said that the previous week they had not scanned in many of the packages because they were too busy.

I went to the downtown Olympia post office and was told I was not the only one missing packages. As it turns out, I was told there is a whole container of packages missing. I don’t know if this is true or not.

I have no recourse. Why was I charged for tracking that I did not get? Where is my package? I was told I would not be reimbursed for their lack of tracking and even though my package is insured, I paid for tracking and I have receipts, I was not likely to receive a cent from USPS. Very frustrating!

Deb Steele, Olympia

Re-elect Joe Downing

Joe Downing is running for Port Commissioner in November’s election. You won’t find another person who will work tirelessly every day to ensure that Olympia and Thurston County are leaders in the import/export business with environmental consciousness while supporting jobs and small businesses in our community.

I am a friend and neighbor of Joe and Myra Downing and know personally about Joe’s character and dedication to serve our Port with leadership, and to be a steward of Puget Sound and our marinas.

While working as office manager for a clinic on West Bay Drive, I had the pleasure of watching ships coming into port regularly. Clients at the clinic were always asking what ship is in, where are they from, and what are they bringing or taking. I asked Joe how to access this information and he explained that if you go online to the official Port of Olympia website, click on “Contact Us” and fill out the simple form for e-mail alerts, you can get Ship Arrival Announcements. What a great public information tool.

I grew up in Olympia and have lived here for 63 years. There are countless people in our community that are interested in the Port of Olympia and the future of Puget Sound, its many marinas and businesses. We have a thriving population that depends on the good, honest work of Joe Downing to speak for the citizens of Thurston County. Please vote for Joe Downing in the November general election.

Maureen Oram, Olympia