Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor for Sept. 19

‘The Detention Lottery’ provides terrifying view of immigration

Monday night I attended an immigration court re-enactment at Temple Beth Hatfiloh titled “The Detention Lottery.”

It was both powerful and terrifying to observe eight individuals, seeking to stay in our country, treated without compassion or consideration of their needs. Most of the individuals were already contributing members of our Northwest community. Many had US citizen dependents.

Can’t we find a more humane way to handle these difficult deportation situations?Apparently our country has forgotten its pledge to shelter those seeking refuge from the storm as well as those already living, working and contributing to our society.

Special thanks to all in the faith community and everyone who is choosing to reach out and extend a helping hand.

Judith Konopaski, Lacey

Join us as we fight for our planet’s future

On Sept. 20, people worldwide will take to the streets to protest in the name of climate change. The movement is led by those who have the most to lose, as it’s they who would feel the greatest effect of today’s inaction: our youth.

People of all ages are encouraged to join as we come together as one voice to fight for our future and the future of generations to come, who each deserve the opportunity to live on a habitable earth.

The reality is this: Climate change is now a climate crisis, and time is running out. There is hope yet, however, and for this reason we must demand quick and decisive action by our government leaders.

The local protest, organized by high school students, will be held outside the State Capitol building from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and will feature representatives from various climate action groups. If you wish to attend or learn more about the event, https://strikewithus.org/ provides an RSVP option, as well as specifics regarding the demands of the Youth Climate Strike Coalition.

Nick Wynn, Olympia