Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor for Oct. 9

Jessica Bateman for Olympia City Council

I first met Jessica Bateman over 10 years ago when she interviewed to intern with my team at work while finishing up her bachelor’s degree at The Evergreen State College. I was immediately struck by her energy and enthusiasm; she lit up the room! She got the job, and I quickly learned that she was not afraid to dig in, adapt as needed, and get things done.

Since that first encounter I have come to know her as a smart, articulate, well-rounded leader in the community, and a great listener.

Jessica and I worked together around climate change and the environment, issues she had a keen interest in. Olympia has set ambitious carbon emissions reductions targets, and bold leadership is needed as the city develops strategies to meet these goals.

Another key issue facing the community right now is homelessness and housing insecurity. Jessica has been a champion on these issues. She led the campaign to pass the Home Fund, working hard for over two years on this measure to provide much-needed revenue for housing. Under Jessica’s leadership, the city has begun to establish a continuum of supports and services, including increasing capacity at local shelters and opening the Plum Street Village and a stability site.

Olympia is facing complex issues. We need folks on City Council who are able to hear and validate the continuum of community views on challenging topics and then collaborate to move the community forward. Jessica has these skills in spades! Vote for Jessica Bateman!

Whitney Bowerman, Olympia

Vote Helen Wheatley for Port of Olympia

Helen Wheatley is a fiscal conservative who will support our fine new Port of Olympia executive director in taking a hard look at the Port’s challenges and finances – instead of raising your taxes every year like the incumbent, Joe Downing.

Helen cares about people and the environment, prioritizing jobs and public access to a clean waterfront – not just channeling public money to private enterprises, like the incumbent.

Helen Wheatley is the people’s candidate for Port Commissioner – unlike the incumbent, who is bankrolled by developers and business as usual.

We need Helen Wheatley at the Port. You have a clear choice in this election – a smart progressive with a vision for a better future at the Port of Olympia, or the same old guys raising everyone’s taxes to benefit a few.

Vote Helen Wheatley when you get your ballot!

Joel Carlson, Lacey