Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor for Oct. 10

Elect Jones for Mayor

Nathaniel Jones is my choice for Olympia mayor. He has served us well for eight years, providing quiet but effective leadership on issues such as homelessness and the isthmus.

He is a pragmatic leader who knows how to build coalitions to get results.

Jones proposes to get homeless people off the streets and out of unauthorized camps by creating supervised stabilization sites that offer basic hygiene, mental health services and drug treatment. He points out that it will require all of Thurston County’s city and county leaders working cooperatively to make this happen.

Olympia deserves a mayor who will roll up his sleeves and lead, not a cheerleader. I strongly encourage you to join me in electing Nathaniel Jones mayor of Olympia.

Gail Gosney-Wrede, Olympia

Natural gas is still a fossil fuel

The cities of Olympia, Lacey, and Tumwater, and the Thurston Regional Planning Council are in the midst of creating a Thurston Climate Mitigation Plan designed to reduce the amount of carbon pollution 85% under 2015 levels or roughly a 90% reduction per person by 2050. That’s a huge leap! If the county is serious about these targets, the decision to discontinue natural gas use in new buildings is imperative.

Most of the county’s pollution comes from the electricity used to power buildings, because our regional utility sources a majority of its energy from non-renewable sources such as coal and gas. While gas emits less carbon dioxide, it is not carbon neutral. Additionally, the process of fracking for gas is notorious for poisoning water and for releasing methane, a more powerful heat trapping toxin.

Early in the year, the state Legislature passed a bill requiring all electricity to be 100% renewable by 2045. Momentum from this decision has grown, sparking protests and rallies opposing the expansion of liquid natural gas (LNG) in Tacoma and methanol in Kalama, inciting protests protecting indigenous lands and waters at the Capitol, and prompting Seattle and other cities across that state to ban natural gas expansion.

Thurston County should commit to incentivizing and creating policy actions to meet all carbon reduction goals and support an equitable transition to clean, renewable energy.

Faith Addicott and Ari Simmons, Olympia