Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor for Oct. 26

Vote for Joe Downing

As friends and legislators, we may not always agree on policies, but we do agree in our support for re-electing nonpartisan Port Commissioner Joe Downing.

It is essential to ensure that Joe has the opportunity to continue his work. In his first four years, the Port completed its Vision 2050 Plan and hired a new Executive Director, Sam Gibboney. Coupled with Joe’s experience and education, the Port is perfectly positioned to support family-wage jobs, environmental stewardship, and economic vitality to move our community forward. For instance, we support the marine terminal and airport as vital assets to Thurston County.

We know this type of joint response is uncommon, but we both agree that doing what is best for our community supersedes party lines. The Port is the economic engine for our county and Joe Downing has the perfect background and temperament for a port commissioner.

He volunteered for six years on the Port Citizen Advisory Committee before running for office. He now has 10 years of direct experience with the Port and remains committed to creating jobs, cleaning up and restoring our environment and stimulating economic activity. He worked 20 years in the private sector and 10 years in the public sector on top of earning a bachelor’s degree in economics and a master’s in business.

We agree with The Olympian: Re-Elect Joe Downing Port of Olympia Commissioner.

State Sen. Sam Hunt, D-Olympia
State Rep. JT Wilcox, R-Roy

Phyllis for Olympia City Council

I am supporting Phyllis Booth because she walks her talk. What do I mean by that?

Phyllis has strongly held values, and if you know her, you know that Phyllis lives according to those values. Two instances of her walking her talk that relate to her run for city council: Phyllis values all of Olympia’s citizens, and she believes that citizens should have a say in how our city and its neighborhoods should grow and develop. In other words, she will fight to give us representative democracy and transparency in city government.

How do I know that Phyllis will be a strong and honest voice for the people? I know this because she has been out and about informing Olympia citizens about various issues for 20 years! She doorbells, she talks to people, and she uses the skills she has to help and to inform others. That is what Phyllis does and that is who she is.

She won’t be afraid of speaking up to paid city staff, which is what council members are supposed to do. She speaks her mind, she walks her talk, and she’ll go out of her way to make sure that your ideas are heard. We need at least one council member who will do that. Please join me in voting Phyllis Booth for City Council.

Sherri Goulet, Olympia