Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor for Oct. 27

Support Jessica Bateman for City Council

Dedicated to ensuring that our most vulnerable citizens are housed and safe, Olympia City Council member Jessica Bateman co-chaired the Home Fund campaign and supported the creation of the mobile mental health outreach unit.

Dedicated to the vitality of Olympia’s downtown, Jessica supported bringing the Clean Team and Downtown Ambassadors under the city’s umbrella and expanding the Downtown Walking Patrol.

Dedicated to protecting the environment, Jessica supported the acquisition of new parks, the adoption of ambitious greenhouse gas emission reduction targets, and the code updates that concentrate housing in already developed areas.

Over the past three and a half years, I’ve watched Jessica listen carefully to constituents, conduct thorough research, and analyze impacts. She asks important questions to inform difficult decisions. She does all of these things with a deep dedication to all members of our community. She cares about this community and contributes to it as a member of council and as a citizen. I’ve appreciated and admired her work. I’ve learned from her dedication and good thinking.

We are lucky to have Jessica on City Council and in our community. To learn more about her priorities and accomplishments, visit reelectjessicabateman.com. And, please join me in electing Jessica Bateman to another term serving this community.

Janae Huber, Olympia

Why the Port needs Helen Wheatley

I’m voting for Helen Wheatley for Port of Olympia Commissioner because we need a Port that serves all residents of Thurston County, not just a few special interests.

We need a Port that values participation by people of many outlooks, not just the same old boys.

We need a Port that owns up to its dismal financial record, rather than cooking the books.

We need a Port that accepts its environmental obligations rather than fighting them.

Helen Wheatley is just what the doctor ordered for our lackluster Port.

Bob Jacobs, Olympia