Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor for Oct. 30

Build a better Olympia — elect Nathaniel Jones

Nathaniel Jones is showing us why he’ll be a great mayor for Olympia. He sees opportunities for the city and uses his managerial and planning skills to bring others along.

Case in point: The retirement of longtime City Manager Steve Hall. At this time of pending change, Jones rightly insists on hiring an interim manager and encouraging the community to explore whether other forms of government, such as an elected city administrator or strong mayor system, could be a better fit for Olympia.

Some cynics suggest he is seeking to benefit by expanding the mayor’s role. That simply is not the case. Jones sees this moment of change as an opportunity for voters to explore other forms of government and decide whether any of them would be an improvement over the current weak mayor system.

One of the ideas he wants voters to consider is a system in which City Council members would be elected to serve wards. This idea works well in other cities. It encourages diversity and ensures all parts of the city have equal representation.

I respect Jones’ vision and leadership, and I will vote for him in November. I have personally experienced Nathaniel’s authentic connection to the issues, humans, ecologies, and spirit of this city, and trust his active, engaged, personal leadership. We need innovative, cutting-edge, evidence-based, and deep change and solutions for the times we collectively face, and I support Nathaniel’s call to lead during these exciting and trying times.

Daniel Cherniske, Olympia

Downing for Olympia Port Commission

Since its founding in the 1850s, Olympia has had a thriving port. It is an important part of our economy, our heritage and our culture. The Olympia Port Commission has responsibility for the port and planning for its future.

If you agree with me that economic diversification and development are critically important for our county, I urge you to join me in voting for Joe Downing. He is the one candidate with a realistic vision for the future of the port and the proven knowledge and skills to make it happen.

Joe Downing has been a port commissioner since first elected in 2015. We can’t help but see how the port has significantly improved in these last four years.

Re-electing Joe Downing is important for the future of our port and for the community.

Join me in voting for Joe Downing.

Sam Reed, former Washington Secretary of State, Olympia