Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor for Nov. 1

Tim Eyman’s gone too far

I’m a Gay Metis from Canada who’s proud to call the Northwest home. Yet when I read and heard on TV about the latest vitriol from Tim Eyman, I felt sickened. I got more than sickened when I found out that he was playing a “suicide play” with the infrastructure of this state — I became angry.

How dare Eyman and his conservative pals play this game and put the motorways, streets and transportation infrastructure of Washington at a dangerous risk? I had a friend who nearly lost her life had she not gotten across the I-5 bridge before it collapsed, but it was a wake-up call that the infrastructure of Washington — a state that is on the same earthquake strictures as Oregon, Alaska, my birthhome of British Columbia, and California — that we need to fix these roads and bridges, and update our state’s life blood now! Initiative 976 doesn’t even have an answer to get this lifeblood done, and that’s what scares me.

So in this spirit I ask this to all of Washington, not just the people in the Sound region: If your car gets damaged by the many potholes prevalent in our state, or if our transit system breaks or services are cut, I propose that we send the auto repair bills, transit complaints, and restitutions directly to Eyman and let him pay for repairs! And yes, I’m voting no on I-976, and if Eyman wants a confrontation, he knows where to find me.

Logan Simon Percy Chrysler, Lacey

Cheryl Selby for Olympia Mayor

Throughout her time as a volunteer and public servant, Cheryl Selby has remained committed to investing in youth and families. If there is a way Cheryl can support our kids and schools, she is there – serving as her school’s PTA president, attending the Olympia School District Education Foundation breakfasts, advocating for seasonal recreation use of the isthmus, supporting new spray parks, and even serving as the honorary chair of Citizens for Schools.

But Cheryl’s advocacy goes way beyond photo opportunities and events. Cheryl has been one the biggest proponents for deeper collaboration between our city and schools. She believes, like me, that our citizens expect us to work together and share resources to solve problems and strengthen our community. Cheryl is always on the lookout for creative opportunities for us to do good work for the most people.

Cheryl has been our mayor during some very turbulent times. She has come under personal attack, and yet she remains incredibly hopeful about our community’s potential and committed to listening to everyone’s viewpoints. She knows that we can only improve housing access, address climate change, and sustain a vibrant downtown by working together.

This November I’ll be supporting the mayoral candidate who has consistently supported kids and schools, the candidate who listens to all viewpoints, the candidate who is focused on collaborative solutions to our biggest challenges, and the candidate who shares my sense of hopefulness for Olympia’s future. That candidate is Cheryl Selby.

Hilary Seidel, Olympia