Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor for Nov. 3

Voting is our right and duty

I wish to commend Auditors Mary Hall, her staff and her predecessors Sam Reed and Kim Wyman for actively seeking to inform, mobilize, and protect voters in this county and state. The latest voters’ pamphlet is a great example of their outreach campaigns to help us be good citizens. The book is replete with prods to participate, links to information on issues and candidates, ways to register, get help, explanations of dates and processes. Best I’ve seen. Please see page 49, a “must read.”

As one who has worked inside the Thurston ballot processing center at election time, I assure you Mary speaks truth; the system is safe, secure, monitored, efficient, professional, exemplary and appreciated.

Each voting cycle, so many don’t show up. Ballots aren’t cast; choices are left blank. That’s on us, folks. How can so many say “support the troops,” sing the anthem, say the Pledge of Allegiance and then waste or ignore their most crucial way to honor those principles, by informed, thorough voting? Kids, we 1960s folks got Amendment 26 for you.

Worse, after abdicating their power and responsibility, these “no show/low info” voters reserve the right to complain about the decisions and winners.

All politics is local; we all live with the decisions made at any level.

It all comes down to us. Lincoln said: “Elections belong to the people. It’s their decision. If they decide to turn their back on the fire and burn their behinds, then they will just have to sit on their blisters.”

Read. Vote.

Gery Gerst, Olympia

Lynda Zeman for Lacey City Council

Lynda Zeman has served the Lacey City Council admirably and effectively since her appointment in May, bringing the unique perspectives of successful business owner, committed community supporter, devoted military wife, and active and involved mother of two young children. Each of these perspectives adds value to the council and positive change to the city of Lacey.

Lynda can be relied upon to ask intelligent and important questions and to contribute meaningfully to all discussions. She is a critical thinker who is open-minded and personable, working tirelessly on behalf of her constituents.

The Lacey City Council picked a winner when they appointed Lynda Zeman to fill the seat left open by Rachel Young. I strongly support her for a four-year term and urge Lacey voters to do the same!

Marny Bright, Lacey